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What Is The Best App To Buy Crypto? 6 Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Wondering around the web and can't find the app for you? Here we have a list of the 6 Best Cryptocurrency Apps that will suit your needs:

Sure, cryptocurrency is decentralized, but you will still need the means to buy, exchange and store your tokens. There are plenty of applications available to handle the job, but how do you choose the reliable one? Which is the best crypto app?  This article highlights in front of you the best crypto applications available right now for safely investing in your favorite currencies. So, let’s get started!



Coinbase, one of the most popular alternatives with over 98 million customers, is the best crypto app roundup for its simplicity. The platform is feature-rich enough to accommodate both novice and professional crypto traders. Beginners, in particular, may enroll in short instructive video courses that earn them free cryptocurrency. The platform provides more 150 cryptocurrencies to US nationals.

Coinbase may be the best option for investors who are new to crypto trading, thanks to its user-friendly website and app, low trading minimums starting at $2, and extensive crypto education. App is ideal for high-volume cryptocurrency traders. There are over 260 assets available to US investors and thousands more globally. Fees are assessed based on volume, beginning at 0.40 percent up to $25,000 and decreasing on a sliding scale. Furthermore, cashing out is less expensive, thanks to free wire transfers and ACHs.


Best Cryptocurrency Apps – Gemini

Gemini is another crypto app popular among novice and advanced traders alike and offers around 100 assets. Furthermore, if you don’t mind keeping your tokens online, The cryptocurrency app provides its own hot wallet.

If security is your first priority, Gemini prioritizes protecting your money by giving physical keys to encrypt your account. Its hot wallet is protected by digital-asset insurance, ensuring the safety of your investment. Furthermore, it is the first cryptocurrency exchange to get SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.


Uphold allows you to trade over 130 currencies, commodities, and roughly 50 US equities. The cryptocurrency app doesn’t have the most crypto, but it includes all the important tokens that a beginning trader could be interested in. Uphold’s user-friendly and uncomplicated platform is ideal for beginners to intermediate-level crypto investors.



eToro is well-known for social investing, which allows users to learn more about how people trade by watching what more experienced investors purchase and sell. The crypto app helps you replicate experts’ investing methods that have already proved successful in the market before. Not to forget, you can always follow your own. eToro has over 120 cryptocurrencies and lets you buy, store, transfer, receive or convert more than 500 pairs of currency.



SoFi is primarily known for its banking and lending but also provides a profound yet basic cryptocurrency trading platform. It’s pretty restricted, with just 30 of the most well-known tokens available. However, beginners interested in trading with a reputable financial institution may find the limited number of crypto alternatives manageable.

SoFi’s crypto structure is pricey, but it is quite simple. Transactions are subject to a 1.25 percent markup charge. Trading volume is restricted to $50,000 per day, making it an excellent alternative for beginners but may not be suitable for more experienced traders.

Now that you know all the top-performing cryptocurrency apps, you can easily pick the one that best suits your crypto investment plan. 

Now after you read this article, you know which of those Best Cryptocurrency Apps will mostly suit you!

Good Luck!

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