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Shiba Inu will reach new ATH? Probably not

Another popular coin rose up very high and fell down as quickly as it got up. will we see Shiba Inu in long term? we checked

Trendy meme – coin Shiba Inu price is falling and getting back to a normalized state

From the start of October, Shiba Inu became the start of meme coins after getting to the moon with a whooping 950% rise in price. But Shiba wasn’t on the moon for a long time as today its price has fallen back to a moderate state. For most investors, the time of the coin came to an end, but not for the new ones. New investors are now wondering how they can get some of the profits and benefits of this coin.

What happened to Shiba Inu’s price?

October 28 was the peak of Shib it skyrocketed to the all-time high of 0.000885$ (US Dollars) it started falling rapidly because of the declining trend. Since Oct 28 Shiba Inu’s price has fallen to its normal price of 0.0005399$. The probable cause of the decline in the US inflation print. Will we see this coin fall in the next few months? Probably yes. The reason behind this is that compared to other popular memecoin like Doge, Shiba lacks IRL utility. Doge coin can be used in many franchises and for many services and seems like it’s being largely accepted and liked currencies.

Why Did Shiba inu Jumped? 

Like with many coins Elon musk and Tweeter is the answer. Earlier in October musk tweeted a picture of his puppy named ‘Floki’. ‘Floki’ by coincidence is a Shiba Inu puppy, interesting, isn’t it? After this tweet, the Shib coin got a ‘small’ bump and raised it by 120%. After this coin surprised many people it gained popularity among the investors who saw the rocket getting started to the launch. They started a petition to include Shiba Inu coin in Robinhood which resulted in 300k signatures and a massive price rally. Even though Robinhood is yet to add Shib coin to their list, many other exchanges already did. With the addition of their team announcing their plans to enter the NFT market and a big FOMO effect Shib got adopted very quickly and raised very high and very fast.

What are the predictions?

Experts in the crypto field predict that Shiba Inu will hit 0.0001331437$ (US Dollars) by 2022 and eventually will get to 0.0002090732$ (US Dollars) by 2025. But it’s the optimistic prediction, the Pessimistic prediction is that it will fall to 0.000098$ (US Dollars) by 2022 and will not grow back from there.


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